Monday, December 31, 2018

Seattle Bliss 2019 SOTM Dutch Treat DT07

"The Seventh Strain" sounds like something ominous, but it's really just the seventh sample of Dutch Treat available in Seattle during our tiny purchase window.  Some growers didn't have DT in Seattle at that time and are conspicuously missing.  Maybe next year.

Take a look!  Enjoy the video and microscopy!  The full report is almost ready.  Thank you, subscribers!  Single copies (digital or print) will be available at  Summary video coming soon.

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Seattle Bliss 2019 SOTM Dutch Treat DT06

DT06 was some great Dutch Treat.  Watch the video and see how it did.  You can support Seattle Bliss by becoming a legitimate subscriber for as little as $1 per month.  See the Membership page to learn more.

More to come.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Seattle Bliss 2019 SOTM Dutch Treat DT04 and DT05

This episode provides a starting place for commentary on cannabis presented by a Processor.  Here, a Producer (grower) sold two different crops of the same strain to two separate Processors. Such is the way of agriculture. JOIN THE CONVERSATION by becoming a REAL SUBSCRIBER.  Visit the MEMBERSHIP page to learn how.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Strain of the Month Dutch Treat sample DT03

Dutch Treat sample DT03 was a full year old at the time of this survey.  Exceptionally smooth and delicious, the 3.5 gram sample was very well preserved and protected in a glass jar.  Please enjoy the video.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Seattle Bliss Strain of the Month DutchTreat review DT02

The first issue of Seattle Bliss will be out soon. Please be patient as subscription links and delivery software are put in place. Click the video below to view the trial of Dutch Treat sample DT02, detailed in the upcoming issue of Seattle Bliss.  Subscribe on the MEMBERSHIP page to support this consumer advocacy that saves you money.

Sample DT02
Outdoor "Sun-Grown"
Processor (grower), retailer, scores and much more is included in the upcoming issue.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Matanuska Thunder Fuck by TJ's Organics

MTF Review_180927, (T.J.'s Organics), INDIVA lot 1857, h.d. 180206, total cannabinoids 25.85%, purchased at Greenworks 180925. MTF is also known as Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF). It was originally bred in the Matanuska Valley of Alaska, and is generally regarded as a Sativa Hybrid.

3.5 gram portions were available in zip bags only as INDIVA is the common or regular graded flowers from the very same harvests as the premium flowers found in jars from T.J.'s Organics.  T.J.'s is very well-known for those premium flowers. The bag smell upon opening expressed a fruity aroma, definitely sweet (4/5).

Flowers were nicely trimmed (5/5), were of respectable size (4/5) and appeared unmolested (appeared to have been handled with care; 4/5). Seattle Bliss microscopy revealed a dense forest (5/5) of clear-headed trichomes (2/5). This only means harvest may have been a day early for this nugget, while others may have been perfectly proportioned with opaque white and various shades of amber trichome heads. Ground herb was extremely aromatic (5/5); every bit as fragrant as the premium line.

In true Sativa Hybrid form, the first hits of MTF were fruity and sweet, expressing dominance of myrcene and limonene. Subsequent hits were spicy, like black pepper, due to beta-caryophyllene present throughout the entire smoke.

Energizing, Industrious and Creative are the terms that I would assign to this strain. I found myself accomplishing several physical tasks, thoughtful studies as well as some creative writing.

A note about T.J.'s Organics

All of T.J.'s Organics products surveyed by this reviewer, though pleasing to the eye and a genuine treat for the most discerning cannaseur tastes, were found poorly labeled for tested cannabinoids (0/5). Unconvincing "total cannabinoids", which could include cannabinol (CBN), make an ambiguous claim: that T.J.'s Organics either cares a great deal about that figure and attempts to inflate it as much as legally allowed, or they care so little about it that they are pleased to deliver such ambiguity to their ignorant, unquestioning customers. T.J.'s labels list no data, though any buyer may obtain a copy of the lab report from the retailer simply by asking.  THC-A, THC, and Total THC figures, though confusing to some producers, are given by the labs, are desired by consumers, and are required on the label by WSLCB rules. I would advise T.J.'s Organics to list total cannabinoids on the label if it so desires, but itemize the ones desired by consumers, such as CBG, CBD, CBC, CBN, and most importantly THC. A product as superb as T.J.'s shouldn't be so poorly labeled.