Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Strawberry Diesel by Lazy Bee Gardens 2019 marijuana strain review

Today's 4-gram sample of Strawberry Diesel was grown by The Lazy Bee Gardens, trade name Lazy Bee Gardens, an outdoor grower nestled just off the Methow River southeast of Winthrop, Washington. Their neighbors include a rhythm & blues festival and a salmon hatchery, as well as the mountains that beckon to snowboarders. Click to view in Google My Maps.

Environmental Stewardship points are awarded for sun-grown operations (those who photosynthesize for free), as well as possible points for soil and water conservation. (5/5)

Freshness rated (5/5) as everything about the flower said this won't be around long. The harvest was October 18, 2018 and this order was packaged April 1, 2019 (see label above; 5.5 months dry/cure time). Purchase and review took place in June (3 months in zip). Grower discloses approved pest control substances and holds a certification recognized by Higher Ground (5/5); welcomes our visit (5/5).

View this TerpType and Terpene Profile at HigherGround420.com/search/

More than five terpenes were individually quantified on the package label (5/5; see label, 2 images up).  Even better, Lazy Bee Gardens has had this crop tested for terpenes more than fifteen times, which allowed creation of a standard profile for their Strawberry Diesel (image above). Of note for breeders are several terpenes bearing alcohol moieties and almost no linalool, indicating the presence of enzymes that synthesize linalyl pyrophosphate and possibly one or several that consume it as a substrate. Pinene(s), myrcene, and caryophyllene only comprise 2 of the 3.5 percent these terpenes occupy. The minor terpenes represent 1.5 to the majors' 2; not a huge imbalance. Wood, earth, floral and sweetness were all present in the 2nd sniff, below.

Cannabinoids Labeling under WSLCB rules is very confusing. I feel this label (2 images up) sufficiently discloses every important cannabinoid quantity, while avoiding the stumble through THC/THCA/Total THC explanation. Total THC, Total CBD, Total CBG, CBC and Total Cannabinoids disclose much of what consumers want to see. Harvest date was the only missing piece of required label data (4/5).

The first sniff from the just-opened bag bore a fairly strong terpene presence (4/5), fruity and sweet, but with some real depth.

Product Purity is assessed under microscopy and with the nose.  No impurities were detected via either method (5/5).

Product Color is indicative of flowering techniques, handling, storage and can sometimes be the first indicator when issues arise (5/5).

Overall Product Quality surveys for problems, such as male bud sites, animal hair, insect or other animal evidence, rough handling and more. None were detected (5/5).

Product Moisture was estimated between 7.5 and 10.0%, based on proper snapping of the stems in floral clusters without breaking the bud (5/5).

Trim Quality was rated 5/5 as buds have been manicured of all sugar leaves, most pistils, and stems are less than 3 mm long (indicative of being trimmed instead of snapped from the stem in a rapid, raking fashion).

Trichome Density is a matter of genetics, but within those genetics plants with more trichomes per surface area produce more cannabinoids and terpenes. As it has become clear that low-potency strains can be very appealing, this criterion has been eliminated from the Higher Ground evaluation. Were it still included, these flowers would rate 5/5.

Harvest Timing is carefully matched to the taste of the grower or the average consumer. Some strains, often sedative when grown by most individuals, can be clear and energizing in the hands of a grower with that target in mind. Most growers agree that the best flowers will have mostly white trichome heads with up to a third turning amber, or a general tinge of amber in the overall white forest (5/5).

Grinding a gram and giving it a Second Sniff revealed a very strong Terpene Presence (5/5).  The Smoke Terpene Presence rated 5/5 as a broad spectrum of woody, sweet and floral terpenes were present throughout the smoke. Smoke Smoothness rated 5/5 as moisture and curing made it easy to control the burn. Smoke Pleasantness rated 5/5 as flavor appears to be attenuated by the cure. Piney sharpness is completely absent here.

Effectiveness rated 5/5 as my first hits at 4:20 p.m. were mostly sweet and tart. One could call that strawberry. In later hits I tasted fresh, hot, cinnamon-raisin bread (heavy on the cinnamon). I needed the uplifting energy I got from this one. Creativity was properly stimulated, too; so I went back to work.

Price-Value Rating is based on the market average price per gram. This 4g package was $36, or $9 per gram, which rates 5/5 on the Higher Ground PVR scale.

Overall, this harvest of Strawberry Diesel earned 98 of a possible 100 points; an amazing flower by an amazing grower.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a perfect 100-point review later this year when I try other strains by them.

Acknowledgements:  Lazy Bee Gardens supports Seattle Bliss and Higher Ground by providing data for this and other studies. Contact us if you have data to share. Visit the Lazy Bee Gardens website to learn where to purchase their products. Financial support for Seattle Bliss and Higher Ground comes from subscribers like you.  Thank you.

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