Tuesday, May 31, 2016

No Sniffing Washington Cannabis

As Washington cannabis must be sealed in sniff-proof packaging, the buyer is 100% dependent on a grower’s lab analysis label to make a buying decision.  Printing the terpene analysis on the label is the only way to give the buyer a sniff without sniffing.

On a recent Seattle Bliss tour, a guest remarked about how she wished she could have sniffed packages in the store.  Her remark followed an eye-popping gush of emotion as she sniffed the aroma from her purchased one-gram “zip” (sealed, zip-closure plastic bag or envelope) of Blueberry Cheesecake.

“If I could have smelled this in the store, I’d have bought more!” she exclaimed.

I didn’t think to ask her if she opened alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, spirits, before purchase.  It appears Washington hasn’t been playing favorites as it is also unlawful to open alcoholic beverages while on the alcohol retailer’s premises.