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Welcome to the Seattle Bliss online store.  Here you can purchase some of the merchandise seen on the program and in Seattle Bliss articles.  Your purchases support all FREE consulting services at Seattle Bliss.

Seattle Bliss (TM) herbal vaporizers


Seattle Bliss (TM) souvenir rolling papers

Nothing special about these high-quality rice papers, but the package showcases a spectacular work of cannabinoid-enhanced brilliance by noteworthy, 'higher' artists and supports their continued work.  Each one is a Seattle Bliss (TM) Limited Edition, only available here.

Art submissions please use email to contact us.

Seattle Bliss glass goods


Seattle Bliss books & music

Go to the Seattle Bliss (TM) Music page.

The SEATTLE BLISS (TM) brand / label is owned by the Aquarian Publishing Company, Seattle, WA, USA.  Music and book/article submissions please use email to contact us

Baked After Hours

(About 4 hours) The 'Baked After Hours' Tour will visit a Seattle Bliss (TM) -Recommended Cannabis Shop, then MMJ consultant, Jeff Cole, will demonstrate how to make chocolates.  Each individual on the tour is responsible for the purchase of their own cannabis products while in the cannabis shop.  No worries - participants will have a purchase guide for their own individual desired preparation.  The tour spends the next 2 hours making your own chocolates with products purchased from the shop.  Food will be provided by a supporting local sponsor.

All finished and everyone thoroughly baked by 9 pm, the tour bus will return to each guest's hotel.

FREE for Supporting Members; $149 for others.  Supporting Membership is only $120/yr.  This event may be video recorded for a Seattle Bliss program.  Guests appearing on camera will receive a gift for their participation.

Call 206-471-4367 to reserve your seat before 2 pm on the day of your Seattle Bliss (TM) tour.  Cash and cards gladly accepted.

Seattle Bliss "Sights and Delights" tour

(3 hours; see calendar below) $149; 2 pers min. FREE for Supporting Members!
On the "Sights and Delights" tour, Seattle Bliss takes you on an elevated drive around Seattle.  The usual tour visits a glass shop, makes stops at several standard stops and seasonal attractions around town, and includes a shopping trip to 3 very different Seattle cannabis retailers.

[Article: Enjoy Sights and Delights in a Custom Tour with Seattle Bliss]

*Note*- November 27th, the Sights and Delights tour becomes the "Seattle Rocks!" tour.  Visit the EMP museum in the morning or evening with discounts from Seattle Bliss; the bus departs at noon from the EMP.  We'll grab lunch and a toke on the way out to see Chris Cornell's inspiration for "Soundgarden".  Then we'll see some Rock & Roll memorials on Capitol Hill, swing by Kurt Cobain's house and stop into the pot shop that sits where his dealer probably lived.  Finally, we'll drive down and burn one at the Jimi Hendrix Memorial. We'll have discounted tickets to a live concert, so be ready to rock.

Tours always include a stop at at-least one state-licensed Cannabis retailer, instruction if needed, and smoking / vaporizing permitted on the party bus.  Tour does NOT include the purchase of your cannabis.

Seattle Bliss Indoor Cannabis Farm Tour

[40 minutes of the Sights and Delights tour; 2 to 3 hours if Farm Tour Only (FTO*) see below] $149; 2 pers min. FREE for Supporting Members!

Spend your morning or afternoon learning how a Seattle grower operates.  Bring your camera and be ready for a good time as some of our hosts are very entertaining.  After the farm tour, Seattle awaits!

*FTO option is an in-depth, educational tour for medical patients and individuals interested in cannabis horticulture.  Potential at-home growers may benefit the most from this tour as our hosts will share closely-held techniques for home success - from seeds and clones to curing and storage.

Click this link to see Seattle Bliss-reviewed cannabis farms:  You can zoom in so close you just might smell the flowers!

Seattle Bliss Outdoor Cannabis Farm Harvest Tour

Photos by John Rainwaters and Oro Whitley

(12 hours round-trip; 8 am - 8 pm) $200; 2 pers min. FREE for Supporting Members!
Outdoor cannabis is a beautiful thing.  The best time to visit is in late September through October and into November, so that is when this trip is offered.  The 2017 season is over, but it's not too early to book your 2018 tour.  Seven tours are scheduled Fridays from September 21, through November 2, 2018 only.  Includes transportation to and from the farm and hours of conversation/consultation with Jeff and other experts on the farm.  Groups, book all 18 seats on the party bus for the price of 12!

Book your tour!
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