Music is great with cannabis.  These artists let their creativity flow with herbal intensity!  Any Amazon purchases made directly after clicking one of our Amazon links help support Seattle Bliss.  See what these artists have to offer.

These artists have allowed Seattle Bliss to use their music in videos, so they get some extra promotion here.  If you get a chance, send some appreciation their way by buying their music, seeing a show or donating to their inspiration. ;)  *Artists, contact me for promotion here and in Seattle Bliss videos.
2016 - 17
The Vince Johnson Band
 The Vince Johnson Band -
Peachy by Cityfolk
 Cityfolk -
Green Day by Evagreen
 Evagreen (a.k.a. Banned Roots) - no link
Angelic to Ashes by Searching for Reason
 Searching for Reason -
Inward by Searching for Reason

The Road to Obscurity by Searching for Reason

Wes Sp8 and the Apollo Proxy, 2016
 Wes Sp8 and the Apollo Proxy -
You May Proceed by Wes Sp8 and the Apollo Proxy

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