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You can grow HIGH-QUALITY cannabis (a.k.a. marijuana or MMJ) in your home with a little help from Seattle Bliss. If you have space, want a more economical solution, and are ready to learn for yourself that the best cannabis in the world comes from your own garden, become a supporter.

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FREE Seattle Bliss Rare and Distinctive Cannabis Seeds 

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Blueberry (feminized)
Headband (feminized)
Laughing Buddha (feminized) BARNEY'S FARM
Sour Diesel (feminized)
Strawberry Cough (feminized)
Vanilla Kush green (feminized) BARNEY'S FARM 
Zkittlez (feminized) BARNEY'S FARM

New SEATTLE BLISS varieties available now:
Diesel Jack (Sour Diesel x Jack Herer, feminized F1 hybrid, phenotypes may vary)
Blueberry Zen (Blueberry x Laughing Buddha, feminized F1 hybrid, phenotypes may vary)
9 Hail Marys (feminized F2 selected from a variable 9 LB Hammer x Mimosa cross)
Killer Tangie (feminized F2; Blood orange/tangerine wonder discovered from bag seed)
Gina Kay (feminized F2; Girl Scout Cookies x ???)

Agent Orange (feminized)
Blissful Dream (feminized) SEATTLE BLISS
Charlotte's Web [CBD](feminized)
Cannatonic [CBD](feminized)
Golden Goat (feminized)
Jack Herer (feminized) SENSI SEEDS
Northern Lights (feminized)
Siam Kush (feminized)
Skunk #1 (feminized)
Super Skunk (feminized) - This is the Amsterdam variety, which is mellow and sweet.
Trainwreck (feminized)
Vanilla Kush purple (feminized) BARNEY'S FARM 
White Fire OG (aka Wi-Fi OG Kush, feminized)
White Widow (feminized)

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Members may receive a pack of THREE identical free seeds at one time (one pack per quarter, four packs per year) via U.S. Postal Mail. Follow the Seattle Bliss blog and learn how we conserve great genetics by producing high-quality Grade 1 seeds.

Seed Guarantee: If you're growing from our seeds, we want you to be happy. If your seed doesn't germinate, even if it's your fault, we'll let you try again. Let us know, and we'll send another (or another available variety). This is limited to one retry per member trying any variety.

NOTE: The 2018 Farm Bill made it legal in the United States to produce, purchase, sell and possess Cannabis seeds as they contain less than 0.3% THC and are specifically defined in the bill as HEMP. However, only USDA-licensed or state-authorized individuals should ever germinate Cannabis seeds.