Friday, May 11, 2018

Flo by Fire Cannabis (SESH) - Magnuson Park Seattle

We spent a few hours at Magnuson Park in the rain checking out The Flo, as grown by Black Market Music, marketed under the brand Fire Cannabis.  The price was fantastic!  Effects were nominal, as if it lacked potency.  I also found a few seeds, indicating the grower has male plants around.  If planted, the seeds would produce a bastard to be evaluated for its own merits.  Cinderella was discovered in this fashion, so who knows?

The rain cleared a bit for our walk after the show.

NOTE:  Always give yourself a couple of hours to come back down from your cannabis experience before driving.  This is why so many Seattle Bliss Tours take public transit.  Not only are we getting around legally on the tour, but with much less stress than driving the crowded streets of Seattle.

Click the link below to view the Seattle Bliss tour map.

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