Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Research notes_Terpenes in lemon peel

Limonene Dominance

Lemon peel oil cold pressed from different origins is approximately 61% limonene, 17% beta pinene, and 9% gamma terpinene (Weiss, 1997)

Ratios: 7 units limonene : 2 units β-pinene : 1 unit γ-terpinene

How does this profile compare to that of a limonene- dominant cannabis strain, such as Lemon OG or Super Lemon Haze?  We shall see...

I thought it particularly interesting that there is no mixture of Pinenes in lemon peel as we regularly see in cannabis. This simply suggests a different metabolic pathway (enzyme) creates this pinene than does the same in cannabis.

Mint Terpenes 

Mapping of (-) - Limonene [the "negative" stereoisomer] rearrangement to (-) - Menthol and related end products (Croteau, 1987) demonstrates the menthol pathway's dependence on limonene as its substrate. It is reasonable to believe that those varietals possessing the menthol enzyme translated in great enough saturation will keep the substrate, limonene, nearly exhausted.

[figure in production]

Weiss, E. A. (1997) Essential oil crops, Cab international, Wallingford.

Croteau, R. (1987). Biosynthesis and catabolism of monoterpenoids. Chemical Reviews, 87(5), 929-954.

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