Friday, March 29, 2019

Veo Motion Vaporizer Vape Pen Battery Review 2019

The makers of Pearl Extracts have introduced some true #SeattleBliss in the form of this innovative battery for vaporizing your favorite cartridges.  The device is available in perfect Seattle Bliss blue, but you can also get it in pink, purple, silver and black.  Link Below.

The attractive, compact design holds the cartridge in place with this intuitive magnet link, making it easy to change cartridges with your mood or as your medication needs require.  Veo includes a magnetic adapter in the package, and Pearl includes them in their packages, too.  The compact design fits well in your pocket for discrete, instant use.

Charge the device with the included Micro-USB cord and draw air through the cartridge to operate.  There are no heat settings as heat is carefully regulated and appears quite smooth and uniform.  Vibration during your draw let's you know the device is operating.  The manual on/off switch eliminates confusion and avoids accidental burn-off.

We don't review many vaporizers at Seattle Bliss as we don't often feel strongly enough to bother.  This one appears to be worth a look.

Disclosure:  Purchases through our Amazon links support Seattle Bliss.  If you purchase ANYTHING from Amazon after following one of our links, a small portion of your purchase will support our efforts.  Thank you.

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